सत्य नारायण कथा - तीसरा अध्याय

satyanarayan katha

Fast Story of Shree Satyanaarayan
॥ Third Chapter ॥

Shree Sut Jee said- O best saints! Now I told you the further story. You listen. There was a wise king Ulkamukh in ancient time. He was stoic and truthful. He went holy places and donates money to poor every day. His wife, who has lotus face, had rich in qualities like pieety, modesty, beauty. One day,The king was worshipping Shree Satyanaarayan vrat katha with his wife on the bank of bhadrasheela river. At that time, there was a vaisya named Saadhu came. He had enormous wealth for business. He put his boat at shore and went towards King. He asked very politely to king to saw that vrat rituals- “O Raajan! What are you doing devotionally? I have desire to know it. So, kindly tell me.”