सत्य नारायण कथा - दूसरा अध्याय

satyanarayan katha

Fast Story of Shree Satyanaarayan
॥ Second Chapter ॥

Shree Sut Jee said – O Saints! Now , I told you the history of that man who did this Satyanaarayan Vrat previously. Listen carefully. There was a very poor Brahman in city Sundar Kaashipur. He wandered here and there restless with hunger and thirst everyday on this earth. The God who loved Brahman, met with that Brahman as an old Brahman and asked to him respectfully- “O Vipra! Why are you wandering on earth with sorrow? O best Brahman, Please tell me in detail. I want to hear. ” Brahman said- “I am poor Brahman and wander on the earth for alms. O Bhagawan! If you know any method to remove off this poverty, kindly tell me.” The Old Brahman told- “God Satyanaarayan gave desirable reward to devotees. So, O Brahman, You must worship him, people get rid off from all sadness to worship him.” The old Brahman like Satyanaarayan God had explained the detail method of fast to the Brahman and disappeared from there.