सत्य नारायण कथा

satyanarayan katha

Fast Story of Shree Satyanaarayan
॥ Fifth Chapter Continue ॥

So, I have to went that place where the cowboys were worshiping God Satyanaarayan. He went to that place after made decision in his mind and did worship of Satyadev with those cowboys devotionally. He again got wealth and sons with the grace of God Satyanaarayan. He enjoyed all the desirable happiness and got Vaikunth lok after death. Shree Sut Jee said- “Those people, who did this most rare satyanaarayan vrat, will get wealth and prosperity with the grace of God Satyanaarayan. Poor became rich and prisoner gets freedom and became fearless. Issueless get child and also get all desirable wish. People finally get Vaikunth Lok .”
I tell you the story of second birth of those people who did this vrat in his first birth. Old Shataanand Brahman got borth as a sudama to get salvation. Ulkaamukh King born as a King Dasarath to attained Vaikunth Dhaam.Saadhu vaisya born as a Moradhwaj and slaughtered his son with bandsaw to get salvation.Mahaaraj Tungadhwaj became Swayambhu and got salvation through devotion.
॥ It’s Satyanaarayan Vrat Katha ॥