सत्य नारायण कथा - चौथा अध्याय

satyanarayan katha

चौथा अध्याय समाप्त । बोलो सत्यनारायण भगवान की जय ।


Fast Story of Shree Satyanaarayan
॥ Fourth Chapter ॥

You complete the work and come quickly.” Daughter also finished her worship and went to view his husband without take the Prasad. God Satyanaarayan got angry due to avoidance of Prasad and he sank her husband with boat in water. Kalaavati fell down on earth to not seen her husband. Saadhu got shocked to saw her daughter cried and the boat sank in water. So, he prayed to god- “O Prabhu! Kindly forgave us for the mistake which me or my family did.” God Satydev became pleased to hear his mean voice and a voice came from sky – “O Saadhu! Your daughter left Prasad at home, that’s why her husband gets disappeared. If she went to home, take Prasad and return back here, then she must get her husband.” Kalaavati went to home and take Prasad after heard that voice. She returned back and views her husband.After that Saadhu do the worship of Satyanaarayan Bhagawaan along with his relatives.He started to worship Satyanaarayan on every full moon since that day. He enjoyed all the available happiness in this earth and get heaven after death.
End Of Fourt Chapter । Bolo Satyanaarayan Bhagawaan Ki Jai ।