सत्य नारायण कथा -

satyanarayan katha

Fast Story of Shree Satyanaarayan
॥ Fourth Chapter ॥

He expressed his grief after get sense. Then his son-in-law said- “You do not grieve. It is Dandi’s wrath. So, we should go in his shelter to fulfill our wish” Vaisya reached to Dandi with his son-in-law, bow down respectfully and said- - “O Bhagawan! Even Brahma etc. could not be able to know you due to your delusion, then how can I know, I am ignorant. Please delight on us. I will do your worship as per my capacity. Save me and filled my boat with wealth like previously.” God get pleased to hear his devotional word, gave desirable boon and disappeared from there. They returned back and found the wealth in his boat. Then they worship Satyanaarayan Bhagwan with friends and went to his city. He sends a messenger to his home when reached near to his city. Messenger reached at Saadhu’s house, bows down his wife and said that saadhu reached near to the city with his son-in-law. Wife Leelavti finished satyadev worship and told to her daughter –“I will go to my husband’s view.