सत्य नारायण कथा - तीसरा अध्याय

satyanarayan katha

Fast Story of Shree Satyanaarayan ॥ Third Chapter ॥ continue

One day, a thief inspired with the illusion of God Satyanaarayan, and was running with stolen money of king Chandraketu. But the thief gets nervoused to saw king’s soldiers and kept the stolen money near to the residence of that father-son. When the soldiers found the stolen money at the residence of Saadhu vaisya, then they take both of them shackled .The soldiers went to the king and said gladly- “We brought these two thieves. Give order to see them.” Both of them get poisoned and all their wealth snatched by soldiers with the order of king.
His wife is also suffered due to the wrath of Shree Satyanaarayan and thief stolen all the money, which kept at home. Kalavati went to a brahman’s home with her physical, mental pain and anxiety of food. She observed a vrat of satyanaarayan at brahman’s home. She listen the story, take Prasad and return home at night. Mother asked to Kalavati lovingly- “O daughter! Where you were till time and what is in your mind? ” Then Kalaavati replied- “O Mother! I observed satyanaarayan vrat katha at brahman’s house and I also want to do the vrat.” Leelavati started preaparation for the worship of god after listen her daughter words.