सत्य नारायण कथा ॥ पहला अध्याय ॥ क्रमश:

satyanarayan katha

Fast Story of Shree Satyanaarayan ॥ First Chapter ॥ Continue

Once upon a time Saint Naarad reached to earth (mrityulok) after wandering different worlds for the benevolence of creatures and He found creatures from different species suffered with many problems and sadness as per their work. He had a thought that how they could get rid off from their problems permanentlys.So, he went to Vishnulok with the thought. There, he shown fair coloured Shree Naaraayan who carried conch, chakra, gada and padma in his four hand .He started to do prayer of Shree Naarayan and said- “O God! You have rich in energy. Even mind and voice can’t get you. You don’t have start-middle and end. You have attributes format and you are destroyer of devotees’ problems. I bow you. ”

God Shree Vishnu said to hear such type of stuti from Naarad Muni- “O Best Muni! What is in your mind? You came here for which purpose. Tell me without hesitation. ” The Naarad Jee said- “Bhagawan! The people who born on earth in different species, are suffering with problems due to his own works and grieved. O Naath! If you keep mercy on me then kindly tell me how they can remove their sadness with little effort. Shree Bhagawaan Jee said- “O Naarad! You had asked a god question for the benevolence of humans. I told you those work which remove humans’ emotion. Listen, the best result oriented and rarest fast (vrat) among heaven and earth. I told you in affection.T he fast of God Satyanaarayan gave all desirable happiness during life and moksha after end of life. ”