सत्य नारायण कथा प्रारम्भ:
॥ पहला अध्याय ॥

satyanarayan katha

Fast Story of Shree Satyanaarayan
॥ First Chapter ॥

Shree Vyaas Jee said- Once upon a time, Shaunak and other saints askd to Shree Sut Jee at naimishaarany pilgrimage – “O Prabhu! How do people get moksha and god devotion in this kaliyug without knowledge of Ved.So, O Muni!Kindly explain such type of fast or meditation which gave virtue and desired wish in short duration.We want to listen that story. ” Scholar of all scriptures,Shree Sut Jee said- “O worshipable among vaishnavas! You asked a good question for the benevolence of creatures.Now, I will tell you about that best Vrat(fast),which asked by Devarshi Naarad to Laxminaarayaan God and Laxmipati replied to Naarad.Listen it carefully. ”